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HENGDA Plastic Manufacturing (Foshan) Business Updates
Dear Valued Costumers,
This is Chapman Deng from Hengda Plastic Manufacturing (Foshan). On behalf of Mr. Zhixiong Deng, Managing Director of Hengda Plastic Manufacturing (Foshan), I’d like to send you a semi-annual business update for the period of Jan- June 2014.
Key achievements in first half of 2014:
Significant investment to expand mold manufacturing capacity: we are committed in improving mold manufacturing capability with investment in high end mold processing equipment, including Sodick AD30Ls Sinker EDM and a CNC Machining Center in the first half of 2014. After the upgrade, the manufacturing capacity will be boosted up to 15-20 units per months. On the plastic injection side, we currently have 26 units of plastic injection molding machines with tonnage ranging from 80 tonnes up to 380 tonnes and average service year of less than 6 years. Last but not least, we have installed several automated robot arms and plan to roll it out to all injection machines gradually.

* Continue to maintain high quality standard with NO customer reject: we have successfully maintained manufacturing yield high at above 99.5% since January 2013, and more importantly, customer rejection rate has been kept at zero since January 2014.

* Set record high production volume with improving efficiency: The production efficiency, measured by unit production per head, has recorded 19% YoY increase during the period. We continue to improve efficiency by fine-tuning mold design (for instance, introducing hot runner systems) and installing industrial robots,  and expect further room for improvement.

Achieved certification to the requirements of ISO9001 & ISO14001: in May 2014, we have successfully achieved the ISO14001 certification and renewed the ISO9001 certification, which was initially achieved in July 2011.

In order to adapt to the ever-changing business environment, we have set the following targets for the rest of 2014:
·        *  Capacity expansion: we are considering to invest in a new manufacturing facility mainly for plastic injection, screen printing and assembly operation.
·         * Continuously improve manufacturing efficiency by improving mold quality and expanding industrial robot installation
·         * Expand Suzhou base to ensure seamless supply: currently we have full inventory preparation in Suzhou base, and we plan to further expand the facility to shorten the delivery lead time.
We will continue to maintain high product quality while expanding manufacturing capacity to meet our customers’ demand. We truly appreciate your continuous support to us, and any suggestion from you is always highly appreciated. Please feel free to contact us at chapman.deng@hengda-plastics.com for any assistance.
Best regards,
Chapman Deng on behalfof邓之雄Deng Zhixiong, Managing Director & Founder
Hengda Plastic Manufacturing (Foshan) Co.Ltd

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